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Liam Barber Chair

Liam Barber Chair

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While no salon can make-do without a classic, traditional barber chair, the changing times and trends demand an innovation and modification in the style and design of said chair. We have ensured that tradition follows in line with current contemporary chic, and our Liam Barber Chair is testimony to the idea. Designed in a more modern than conventional way; more rounded than angular, more black than brown style, the Liam chair has all the features of a classic barber hair and all the flair of a modern one.

Its unique design allows it to integrate well in modern spaces, looking like something straight out of an interior design magazine for salons. The black cover and color appeal to many who flock toward the modernistic scheme of design and aesthetics, making it one of the most instantly eye-catching parts of a salon.

A favorite with salon owners and their customers alike, the Liam is comfortable and allows maximum freedom of movement to salon employees during work hours. The comfortable girth and height allow salon employees to perform their demanding jobs without having to suffer from back and neck pain and strain. The chair is designed for comfort, practicality, usability, and aesthetic appeal.

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